Art Class Aria

After teaching drawing classes for four years, I continued using and demonstrating my drawing techniques as therapy in various settings..... assisted living facilities, caregiver & other group support meetings, anger / stress management group meetings, hospital /medical settings, poetry therapy sessions, individual tutoring and art therapy.

Taking these "classes" out into the community was another important element in bringing awareness and connectivity to the individual and to those around.  As a class, we went to Wine & Cheese shops, Caf├ęs, beautiful parks, and malls, dance/art events, & wellness/health seminars...... always taking our sketch pads with us and "moving" our mind with our environment.

We are continuing in this line..... on our tours......  The networking, awareness, and connectivity is a wonderful healing and sensitivity to a hurting world..... A time to reflect all that God has made.... !  He is the great Artist and Author of the Universe..... with each of us His "Work of Art" ....!  May we always Glorify our Lord who made us!

Love in our Lord, Jesus Christ
His Sonshine

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Hope some of the creativity we used while I was the Art Director for three assisted living facilities will continue on in the ideas below.  With Merry Lynn and her gifted friends..... violin, dancing, and all the incredible art projects with movement therapy creativity.... this should give everyone great ideas to never quit... and keep moving... especially move the mind in our Lord!