Monday, October 28, 2013

Merry Lynn Morris on Craig Melvin "BIG IDEA"

As resources go... while Merry Lynn Morris was in Texas on two presentations and teaching Ballet Master Classes at two Universities - Texas A&M and TWU  - MSNBC Craig Melvin interviewed Merry Lynn in Dallas, Texas about the latest news on the Rolling Dance Chair Project!  Bravo to Craig Melvin and MSNBC for making all the spectacular arrangements to get this info out! Amazing timing also and to the driver in getting her there for the interview! .... Very grateful! Thank you Craig Melvin and Dominique Mann of MSNBC and NBC Universal!

with Love

Sonshine (and Merry Lynn) Morris

here follows the video as downloaded from MSNBC:  

on youtube at:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

EXCELLENCE IN INNOVATION AWARD - Merry Lynn Morris 2013 National Academy of Inventors

It was such a privilege to accept the award on behalf of Merry Lynn Morris on 10/21/2013 for the EXCELLENCE IN INNOVATION AWARD for 2013 by the NATIONAL ACADEMY OF INVENTORS for her ROLLING DANCE CHAIR PROJECT AND INVENTION! Dr. Paul R. Sanberg and President of USF Judy Genshaft presented the award with a beautiful plaque!  A wonderful experience for me while Merry Lynn spends her time teaching and presenting in Texas:  Texas A & M  University (TAMU) - three days of intensive Ballet Master Classes with Modern and Improvisation ~ and also graduate studies/presentation at Texas Woman's University (TWU) near Dallas, Texas! Thank you to everyone in coordinating all the presentations and events!

with Love,
Sonshine (and Merry Lynn) Morris

Excellence in Innovation Award for Merry Lynn Morris 2013 National Academy of Inventors
Accepting the Award is Mrs. William R. Morris (Sonshine) - Mom
with President of University of South Florida Judy Genshaft and
President of National Academy of Inventors Dr. Paul R. Sanberg
Photographer is: ©Aimee Blodgett/USF/2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dance Chair Mention on Katie Couric Show!

It was a wonderful honor to have the Rolling Dance Chair mentioned and viewed on the Katie Couric Show for 10/16/2013!  In a segment called Daniel's List, Katie talks about Merry Lynn Morris and her invention while she shows video and pictures of the new prototype 3. The video clip coverage for the Dance Chair begins 55 seconds in.....

Link to the video - "Daniel's List: 22 Acts of Kindness" :

VSA Florida Presents Scott MacIntyre

I serve on the Board of Directors for VSA Florida (Very Special Arts) and I am so excited that we brought Scott MacIntyre (the first blind finalist on American Idol) - to USF for a performance 10/18/2013! And, especially grateful to REVolutions Dance for donating as a sponsor for this event!

With Love and Appreciation!
Merry Lynn Morris

An evening you won't want to miss that includes an exhibition of tactile artwork by Horst Mueller, a concert by Scott MacIntyre, the first blind finalist on American Idol and an opportunity to show your support for VSA Florida.

Merry Lynn Morris on University Beat WUSF

Here is the latest interview coverage on the Rolling Dance Chair Project with Merry Lynn Morris, designer / patent inventor for the new prototype 3.  University Beat at USF link includes both video and an audio / radio interview:
USF Dance instructor Merry Lynn Morris dances with Jessica Hendricks, who sits in Morris' invention, the Rolling Dance Chair.

The latest model of the "Rolling Dance Chair"

From the interview:
It’s a high-tech device getting national attention—and it’s not the invention of an engineer, but of a dancer! University Beat on WUSF TV introduces you to USF Professor Merry Lynn Morris and her Rolling Dance Chair, which lets people with disabilities dance.

Here is the video :

Here is more interview from WUSF on more aspects of the Dance Chair:

Friday, October 11, 2013

Explaining Dance Chair Features

The new prototype Dance Chair was first tried by Dancers - Marcie Ryan and Frank Hull in May 2013.  It was a magical day for everyone!  Merry Lynn Morris explains the features while Marcie and Frank express their feelings and feedback!  Really - the looks on their faces say it all!!! One thing to mention is that the seat is completely and INSTANTLY changed out to accommodate anyone with their needs or innovation at the time... with 3D manufacturing - it will be perfect in a moment!  Thank you Marcie and Frank for making the long trip to Tampa, Florida for an amazing experience! We also are appreciative of all the efforts in working together so long.... with our private developers Visual Realm (Mark Rumsey) and Vertec (Rudy Bray & Neil Edmonston). .... And the journey continues!

With Love and Appreciation!
Sonshine and Merry Lynn Morris

(Here is the YouTube link: )