Friday, October 11, 2013

Explaining Dance Chair Features

The new prototype Dance Chair was first tried by Dancers - Marcie Ryan and Frank Hull in May 2013.  It was a magical day for everyone!  Merry Lynn Morris explains the features while Marcie and Frank express their feelings and feedback!  Really - the looks on their faces say it all!!! One thing to mention is that the seat is completely and INSTANTLY changed out to accommodate anyone with their needs or innovation at the time... with 3D manufacturing - it will be perfect in a moment!  Thank you Marcie and Frank for making the long trip to Tampa, Florida for an amazing experience! We also are appreciative of all the efforts in working together so long.... with our private developers Visual Realm (Mark Rumsey) and Vertec (Rudy Bray & Neil Edmonston). .... And the journey continues!

With Love and Appreciation!
Sonshine and Merry Lynn Morris

(Here is the YouTube link: )