Friday, March 11, 2011


On February 11, 2011 schools from the Tampa Bay area celebrated their students who had submitted INVENTIONS of all kinds!  Elementary to Middle Schools to High Schools thought of very imaginative devices and innovative ideas to share.  University of South Florida sponsored the Young Innovator event with almost 500 entries.  The finalists did receive $1,000 each, but it was the incredible atmosphere and experience which is invaluable in creative endeavor.  Everyone wins when we all share in innovative ideas!  I was asked to showcase my Rolling Dance Chair Project for the final celebration on the last evening of the event.  It was really a privilege to be part of this great program!  Some of the smaller children were terrific in their sense of wonder as they tried the Dance Chair or watched!  

Looking forward to next year!
Merry Lynn Morris

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This was from some of our time spent at several Assisted Living Facilities where I was the Art Director and Merry Lynn the Movement & Dance Therapist.  The lead in to the Shadow Effect was to transition everyone into the transcendent qualities of life and to ultimately lead everyone into spiritual aspects of life - love, feelings, and of course belief in God.  The Art Study was both stimulating to their tactile senses as well as philosophically challenging.  The respect I had for these elders was very deep - and I was always surprised and delighted with the experiences and wisdom they had.  This particular Facility was, in fact, a religious center - so everyone was on board with the deeply spiritual aspects of life.  I went on to develop a brief discussion to others who question the Evidence on God.... and that one may be able to find the evidence they truly seek in the effects - shadow & otherwise.  (This is on my other blog and on my FaceBook Page in a note  )  
 Love - His Sonshine