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We have supported or continue to support  the Artists, Photographers, or Authors listed.....  Some of whom have also supported US at times!  Thank you our dear friends!  We just wish to clarify that these Artists, etc... may (& hopefully) benefit from this supportive link.... but, we are NOT monetarily asking nor receiving earthly compensation from them or anyone.....  May our Lord always have the Glory! For it is our Lord who supplies our every need and we always pray the same for everyone!

Our Dear Friend Jason Mitchener - Art
(& Dad) courtesy of his brother @GregLoucks (Twitter):

Ballerina Upon Reflection

Or all artwork  Jason Mitchener


Jim Lennon / Lennon Media, Inc.
Dance Photographer

By Professional Arts Photographer Jim Lennon ...... taking Dance Photos over a decade

For contact information - University of Tampa Scarfone/Hartley Gallery
The Gallery is located at the University of Tampa, Bailey Art Studios at 310 N. Boulevard
mailing address: 401 W Kennedy Blvd
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: 813/253-6217


Still Photographer of Dance / Theatre / Film
St. Petersburg, Florida

Further Examples of Tom's incredible photo artwork can be found through:
Paula Kramer, Choreographer & Founding Director of Detroit Dance Collective

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