Monday, February 28, 2011

Florida Waterways Dance Project

Florida Waterways Dance Project - Eco Awareness 3/5/2011
The Florida Waterways Dance project is a STATEWIDE DANCE EVENT on Ecological Awareness Collaboration - to be performed throughout 8 regions in the State of Florida on March 5, 2011 at 4PM - all will be simultaneously live streaming through a new techno feature.  Merry Lynn Morris is the coordinator and choreographer for the region of Tampa Bay / St. Petersburg, Florida.  Everyone is invited to participate and be involved on Saturday, March 5th on the boardwalk and beach of St. Petersburg ......  JOIN US at the Beach - Boardwalk live streaming 4PM (Pass-A-Grille) by Paradise Grille.  Between 10th & 1st Streets.
This 1 minute video with photo takes - is from the 2/28/11 Dress Rehearsal at the University of South Florida - with Merry Lynn Morris' Movement Analysis Class.  These are just a few of the dancers involved.  Other dancers who are also rehearsing the same dance phrase - include:  New World School of Arts / University of Tampa / Moving Current Dance Collective / All Out Rep / Shoes at the Door / Forever Moving Company / Blake HS / Orange Grove Middle School / & Others. Live streaming will be seen around the globe with a new techno feature. Lynne Wimmer will be producing a video documentary. Dale Andree - Miami New World School of the Arts - is Director. Other sites include: Miami-Jose Marti Park / Niceville-DeFuniak Springs/ Boca Raton-FAU Campus / Gainesville-Earl Powers Park / Ft.Lauderdale-Nova Campus / Jacksonville-St.Johns River / Daytona Beach-Halifax River. For more information go to the website: FEEL FREE TO JOIN US ANYWHERE - OR ON LIVE STREAMING !

AND THANK YOU MY DANCERS!  Really lovely & stunning work on some very different terrain!  - Best, Merry Lynn Morris

Directing & Co-ordinating all the Video & Dances / Choreography for the Florida Waterways Dance Project On the Beach at St. Petersburg / Tampa Bay Pass-A-Grille 

Friday, February 11, 2011

ALEKSEY TALAI - THE DREAM, MY PURPOSE ..... Overcoming the Impossible!

Aleksey Talai with Merry Lynn Morris/USF w/Hands-Free Dance Chair
I spent some time this week with Aleksey Talai who exemplifies all that life can be. In spite of his enormous quad-amputee status he is an incredible & beautiful person. At 16 years old in the late nineties - he became the last World War II casualty by trying to stop some children from messing with old WWII land mines in his native Belarus (near Minsk). The explosion immediately caused him to lose his arms and legs - he was never expected to survive - yet he lives and inspires eleven years later! His present day mission can be found in his website - THE DREAM - MY PURPOSE at .

This is a global cause, wonder & support! Should anyone have used or new Power Chairs to donate to his orphanage - he would see to this. He speaks English super! - and is an incredible & charming inspirational speaker to all who would be interested. He came to the US to assist in all the stages of support for his DREAM which is really being "realized"!- an inspirational place of love for children & an orphanage with disabilities. Alex has managed to triumph - and he now (globally) encourages! His beautiful family with his wife and two incredible children - continue to bless him, always. Alex has been such a sport to try our dance chair - and to certainly be wanting to be ready for Prototype 2! Looking Forward! Thank you, Alex! (Alex is here until May/2011 for Inspirational Speaking ----- (on FB ) -or on his website which gives all his contact info & here in the U.S. even after May/2011 WISHING THE GLOBAL SUPPORT TO ASSIST ALEX'S DREAM - WHAT AN INSPIRATION YOU & YOUR FAMILY ARE TO US!

(Be sure to view the videos on his website:  - we will be updating here with video and pics as will happen.... looking so forward!!!  THANK YOU, ALEX!)

Best to all - & in Appreciation!
Merry Lynn Morris

Monday, February 7, 2011

2nd View: Christopher "Kit" Lowe Test Trials Hands-Free Chair with Merry Lynn Morris & a Hint of Prototype 2

This is a little more footage of Sergeant Kit Lowe (wounded Veteran) learning about ways to move on the Hands-Free Chair - including the interactive component with dance and a small hint of Prototype 2 from last Thursday!  Prototype 2 is definitely very smooth and responsive - can't wait to see it develop more!

Kit, who I knew was very patient - and determined, put huge efforts into mastering the push/pull and weighted responsiveness of the Hands-Free Chair- at USF College of the Arts - Theatre & Dance Department.

Kit you are absolutely a great trooper with this and I appreciate all you did so much.  The next prototype will not involve the same problems on the seat tilt, that you had to master.  Thank you, again Kit.  And, Liisa Temple and Bobbie O'Brien - my sincere appreciaton. And, everyone in engineering - always!

Looking Forward,
Merry Lynn Morris