Monday, February 7, 2011

2nd View: Christopher "Kit" Lowe Test Trials Hands-Free Chair with Merry Lynn Morris & a Hint of Prototype 2

This is a little more footage of Sergeant Kit Lowe (wounded Veteran) learning about ways to move on the Hands-Free Chair - including the interactive component with dance and a small hint of Prototype 2 from last Thursday!  Prototype 2 is definitely very smooth and responsive - can't wait to see it develop more!

Kit, who I knew was very patient - and determined, put huge efforts into mastering the push/pull and weighted responsiveness of the Hands-Free Chair- at USF College of the Arts - Theatre & Dance Department.

Kit you are absolutely a great trooper with this and I appreciate all you did so much.  The next prototype will not involve the same problems on the seat tilt, that you had to master.  Thank you, again Kit.  And, Liisa Temple and Bobbie O'Brien - my sincere appreciaton. And, everyone in engineering - always!

Looking Forward,
Merry Lynn Morris