Monday, January 24, 2011


Merry Lynn and I have conducted many Wellness Seminars over the past fourteen years for various organizations, employees, and assisted-living facilities.  With so much information, however, I decided to simplify this post - and then re-edit as time goes on with pertinent information as blogging allows for this wonderful feature.

Healing is an Art.  It is unique to an individual.  To attempt to address a "one size fits all" pattern, would be the first mistake any of us could make.  Other than the few human similarities of needing clean air, clean water, pure foods - the healing process varies with each individual in infinite ways.  That uniqueness needs to be addressed, recorded, and understood by each person. 

 I am always surprised when I get sick - with even a "simple" cold - that I cease to think very clearly.  It is the nature of our own ego thought which believes, while being relatively healthy, that mortality issues within ourselves would be handled well.  After all (our thoughts tell us) - I would KNOW to do this and that, etc.... when I get sick or in a crisis.  WRONG!  I have found that the FIRST thing to go - is clear thinking.  To correct this flaw,  (which I have had to deal with too many times), I developed a "Blue Book" - over the years, which is an index written when I am healthy and clear-headed regarding my specific and unique health issues and suggested treatments which have helped or cured me in the past.  When one is sick, it is not the time to be researching how to get well.  Plan ahead.  For there have been times so bad for me, that I could not even remember to look in my own "Blue Book!"  On those occasions, thankfully, someone else caring for me - thought of it and started looking through it.  It is like one's own personal medical history and it is something one could even take to a hospital or doctor, if necessary.  It can relate the simplest remedy - like maybe trying some carbonated water or alka-seltzer for a queasy stomach - to a major alert from an allergic response.  There are many remedies for me on both - since having a nervous stomach and allergic responses have been re-occurring lifetime problems unique to me and unique in their remedies at times.  So, this is the main point:  I really cannot share too much on my nervous stomach - as to what may be my remedy or cure, because it could be harmful to someone else.  The old adage that "one man's food is another man's poison" - is very true.

 With that thought in mind, I want to encourage each of you as you age, to individually keep and index well your own "Blue Book" remedies.  To get you going - we have a list to consider from A-Z which you may want to think about as you write about your own body and its health needs.  I am amazed, sometimes, that when I have been ill, I start to panic about just being ill!  Then, I realize that there are "WAYS TO HEAL" - and I start to remember that I have recovered in the past from such and such, etc...... by utilizing some of the tools or remedies which work for me.  I would never hesitate to use a doctor's advice, but I have to remind myself that healing of "my" body is ultimately with me.  Even though the doctor takes my health seriously, it is still my life and my body - not his.  For me, personally, I believe all healing and life is a miracle of God's energy instinctively guiding us in right paths to health and wellness.  Without fully trying to document this faith idea - as many believe it is subjective or anecdotal - there is one well-documented "proof" of thoughts assisting, sometimes dramatically, in the healing process.  It is called the placebo effect.  It is such a huge effect and has been studied so much - in double-blind studies over time and more - that one merely needs to look and research it on the Internet to realize that the effect is very real!  The placebo effect is usually acting 80% or more of the time. One study states:  "The placebo effect proves to be good medicine in twelve month study; mind/body medicine is more powerful than drugs and surgery."(  &  But, please look into this powerful effect for yourself to realize the impact our thoughts and mind-body connection can have on our health, healing, and continued wellness.  OUR BEST TO ALL IN STAYING WELL, HEALTHY, HAPPY, & WISE! & May God Bless!   Sonshine (& Merry Lynn Morris)


ACT, BREATHE, MOVE, Relax , Sleep.. ZZZ !

 ACTIVE THERAPY:    Movement, conditioning (isometrics), stretching and active stimulation - to aid circulation.

AFFIRMATIONS:     Beautiful words, pictures, ideas, thoughts & remembrance - surround your work environment that have meaning to you.

AROMATHERAPY:     Air Quality #1 priority!    Environmental chemicals and poor air circulation effect motivation, alertness, and stress.  Consider personal clean air machines and/or natural pure oil scents that contribute to environment - not with contaminants, chemicals, or even heavy perfumes.

AUTOGENIC:     "Self-generated" training of the mind/body connection so that good habits are an automatic response to stress (i.e., training yourself to take a "one-minute moment" each hour throughout the workday.)  Also, see Placebo Effect below.

BREATHE:       Deep breathing sets posture automatically and enhances circulation - increasing brain alertness & all physiological responses of the body.

CIRCULATION:      This is the #1 stress-relief!    Apply active therapy (movement) with passive therapy (relaxation) to balance the best possible circulation to sustain energy for your workday.  Breathe, Move! - Do not sink into a still chair and stagnate.

CONTROL:     What can anyone CONTROL?  There are 4  Components to the Body:  (NOTE: the first three have minimal if any control at all) 1) Physiological (heart, respiration, etc..)  2) Emotional (reactions to anything from stress to joy / flight or fight)  3) Thoughts (vivid imagery, mind-popping or random thoughts)  4) ACTIONS - THIS IS THE ONE ABSOLUTE THING YOU CAN CONTROL!  You do not have to bring the fork to the mouth, you do not have to DO something based on your anger, desire or emotion - including engaging your tongue/voice/writing in harmful words.  You do not have to continue to ENTERTAIN a thought and/or carry it out.  DOING usually engages muscle - and this alone is the one impulse that anyone can control or that one would strive to control ideally. Try to control what you can as far as you "acting out."

INTERACTIVE THERAPY:      Use touch cues to enhance relaxation, circulation & reflexive response/relief through sustained pressure and/or kneading/massage.  Crossover technique works the best (the left side takes care of the right side).

MOVEMENT:       Keep everything in motion for increased circulation - use vibration, air / water / gel cushions, muscle stimulation and applied tightening with release (isometric).  Patterns and natural flow of movement increase efficiency in anything you do.

MUSCLES:       Reminder - a muscle engaged cannot also be relaxed.  For balance of your own body - always crossover left side to work on a relaxed right side or reverse.  Circulation results in a series of ebbs and flows and not a constant exercise push nor is it total muscular relaxation.

PASSIVE THERAPY:    Passive therapy may include massage therapy, music, visual, and environmental changes or enhancements (i.e., correct chair position, aromatherapy, etc.)

PLACEBO EFFECT:      or PAY ATTENTION TO YOURSELF FIRST!  Deep breathing is a proven physiological effect on the body and is measurable.  However, some things you do by just paying attention to the needs of your body - enhance responses, also.  If your break includes something special to you - and/or you just stopped to consider the needs of your own body - it will become automatic, more efficient, less stressed.  "Love your neighbor (associate) as yourself" - first begins with you!  Before assisting others - you need your health and well-being - body, mind, spirit connected.  Thoughts manifest - and you must realize the powerful effect of your beliefs.  If you do and believe in something special for yourself  - unique to you - it will become part of the healing / wellness process.

PRAYER:      This is very much our connection to God, personally and unique.  It is divine loving kindness and better than gold!

RELAXATION RESPONSE:      Another unique tool which is individualized.  Only you know what makes you happy and/or gives you a deep relaxation response.  Adrenaline rushes can make certain people happy, but adrenaline does not give a true relaxation response which involves the release of other natural chemicals in the body - like serotonin.

VITAMINS & MINERALS:     This can include specific doctor prescribed supplements, medications, etc...  It is again - as unique as each individual.  A multi-vitamin, fish oil, low dose aspirin, vitamin C, D, & E - should be looked into with Calcium/Magnesium combination tablets.  (Follow your doctor's specific guidelines on this as - I cannot take VitaminE! I know of two people allergic to Fish Oils, and aspirin - even in low doses can be a lethal combination with other medications or diseases. So - WARNING -check out what may apply directly to you or not!)

ZZZZZZZ's .......... SLEEP!  Resting well and having deep REM sleep is very healing.  The body must complete one full cycle to have full benefits.  This would involve a minimum of five undisturbed hours.  After that, the perfect sleep time becomes individualized and changes with age, illness, or circumstance - usually from 8 - 10 hours.  Dreaming is also important and healing, whether you can always remember the dreams or not.