Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Merry Lynn Morris Dancing Wheelchair Flying! or or
This is an ongoing project from the Rolling Dance Chair Project initiated 10 years ago by Merry Lynn Morris from the inspiration and honor of her Father who is disabled. His disability stems from a severe car accident where two 18 year-old boys crossed the center line and hit him head on. He was in a coma for two months and never expected to live. But, he did indeed... since the 1980's he has been disabled. Merry Lynn wanted to keep dancing with him as she had until she was 12 years old. I wanted to have greater access to him and wanted freedom in mobility and interaction. Together we tinkered with over 6 wheelchairs... and then some! Finally, the project started officially in 2005, and continues in mostly research at USF at

There has been so much publicity and wonderful news coverage.... including CNN! For the latest Dance Chair prototype upgrade coverage as of 10/2013 see: .  It has truly been an answer to prayers for us with so much encouragement and inspiration ... PRAISE GOD! May the project, the disability, and our inspiration continue to encourage others in the same way we have been... our continuing prayer!

Morris Family