Monday, October 4, 2010

HOW Does One Define - DISABILITY - ?

On this topic, "A Definition of Disability," there are myriads of attempts to define it - even to understand "the Why?"     For legal and insurance purposes, a neces-sary "medical" definition has evolved.  But, it slides all over the place, too - forever changing like the nebulous Space of the Universe.

Individually, each person explains within their own mind a "sort-of" definition, defense, delusion, or sometimes denial.  A 4-D approach...!  It was with some surprise and curiosity, that a new theory finally concluded EVERYONE at all times is on the "AUTISM" spectrum or scale.  Apparently, some of us count, some turn figures around, some are non-social, etc.  But, everyone is somewhere on the scale.  However, these generalizations often further confuse the very real disability factor of autism, which is that autism is really only "felt" when a person becomes blocked or non-functioning.

Now, define:  "What is non-functioning?"  This is similar to:  "What is abnormal?"   Enough said - though it will continue forever like the carousel it is.

A "new" approach -------  How to define disability, is not in its definition, nor in its "why."  It is in the HOW.  This is a "way," an action, a journey, an interaction, a spiritual dimensional non-definition.  Definitions are limiting.  Disability, like Art and Space, is limitless - without boundaries.

It is simply a pattern..... ever present, ever-changing - evolving, yet persistent in its existence.

The root of the word "Art" merely means "connection."  No one can define Art nor put it in a neat little box.

No one can define Disability - though the cages and the neat little box ultimately designed for it, still cannot "hold" disability and all it effects.

Disability colors outside the lines; shatters barriers; and stumps all who stay stuck in static thinking.  And, just as Art does effect everyone - whether they realize it or not - Disability effects all, as well.  Ultimately, no one has ever escaped the final "disabling event."  No one makes it out of this life "alive."

And, that is the HOW.  Life - its energy, its spiritual essence - remains.... in memory, in the very sub-atomic level of patterns connecting all in this organism we call Earth.

HOW .... is all.  Breathe in the best - breathe out the rest.

Are you part of HOW we move as one? Or are you STOPPED - trying to hold your breath?  Part of the problem, or part of the solution? Off or on? - like the DNA which instructs each cell from the infinite mind of God - who gave us the solution and remedy ages ago in Him.

with Hope
Merry Lynn Morris