Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Opening Day Paralympics Opening Hearts & Minds

Today 8/29/2012 is the WORLD WIDE Opening Day of the London 2012 PARALYMPICS! The exposure is much greater this time and is expected to attract 4 billion viewers! Amazing!  It began in 1948 to help rehabilitate the wounded from World War II. What it represents to us - is AWESOME and INCREDIBLE PEOPLE !

Some of the best coverage will be from London Channel 4 UK.  They have an INCREDIBLE opening 1 minute video.... here is the link: has full coverage and an excellent article with several videos on blind soccer, blind swimming, wheelchair rugby, etc... with histories and personal stories:.... here is the link

It is hopeful that in 2016 DanceSport will be in both Summer Olympics & Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.... DanceSport / Ballroom Dance / Wheelchair Dance has already been approved since 1997 for the Olympics as a category, however worldwide popularity must also be a component.  South America especially seems perfect to host ballroom dance events! Looking forward to the new innovations of Wheelchair Dance Invention over the next four years! This is a wonderful time and it is SO AWESOME to finally see disability embraced and recognized WORLD WIDE - instead of shunning, blaming, and shaming!  I am so proud to be counted as supporting those among us who God considers the greatest who are the least in the world - my husband! PTL! .... Such are any of us the same through time & happenstance.

His Sonshine with Merry Lynn Morris