Sunday, May 22, 2016

Latest Dance Chair Experimentation with Merry Lynn Morris

The Rolling Dance Chair continues to improve in design and development. I just experimented this weekend with it again, after having some programming upgrades performed with the engineer I work with in Pensacola, FL. ... Neil Edmonston.  The more movement and creative experimentation with different bodies, the better! I will look forward to working with power chair dancer, Frank Hull in June for more movement exploration in the studio! Frank has done some initial exploration with me in the past, as have dancers, Dwayne Scheuneman and Marcie Ryan with this prototype. Hope to have multiple chairs to work with one day, and more people using them! REVolutions Dance students Jessica and Bree Bree both worked with me and the chair yesterday - exploring new possibilities! The chair is wirelessly controlled, in which the control can be worn on the body or used remotely and the chair is omnidirectional and possesses height change. Many thanks to all who have supported this project and who are or have been involved in it! I first began the project in 2005 - a long, challenging trajectory to get to this point.  As a dance/arts practitioner, I have enjoyed the opportunity to challenge traditional design practices/outcomes and push into new territory of mobility appreciative of all!