Sunday, December 19, 2010

Off - Road Wheelchair Accessibility

In an effort to give some encouragement and ideas to those in our world where streets and roads are not what they should be ....... this particular OFF - ROAD Wheelchair Invention goes above and beyond - literally!  You really have to see this to believe it - even going up curbs and stairs like a tractor.  The good news is it is in production & the second video is all about the first "real" customer who has one & his excitement over it.  Interestingly, this wheelchair invention was also inspired by a disabled father - as Merry Lynn took her inspiration for designing the Hands-Free wheelchair from her disabled Dad.
Our Best To All - in Encouragement & Love !

Please note that in this first video (3min.38sec.) - the "OFF - ROAD" Wheelchair Invention comes at the last part: - & it is amazing!  The first part is lab prosthetic testing, the second part is on the "HANDS-FREE" wheelchair with Merry Lynn Morris - & then the third part is all about the "OFF-ROAD" testing & vision.
The second video (1min.41sec.) is the excited response of the first customer to acquire the "OFF-ROAD" wheelchair.  Both videos are on the USF Mechanical Engineering YouTube Site.