Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interdisciplinary Passages - A New Creative Collaboration Class at USF

Architecture + Dance + Video Collaborative

This is a new class at USF about Creative Collaboration between 3 professors of Architecture, Dance, & Art (Steve Cooke, Merry Lynn Morris, Anat Pollack.) The Graduate Architect Students explore spatial forms of light, movement, measurement/drawing. The Dancers interact with ideas of shape, form, measurement & environmental interaction .... all under the watchful eye of Art Students of Video - recording everything from every conceivable angle. All the Students interchange & overlap their ideas & their roles - Dancers draw, Architect Students dance, & everyone is encouraged to Video with an artistic eye. Various groups will culminate in performances with interactive sets / environment / - & music..... (Note - Music Students will be part of this collaboration in the future!) The creativity awareness is enormous!

On Friday, June10 in Theatre 2/USF the Architecture + Dance + Video Collaborative presented: the final work-in-progress performances called:  Passages.... A mixed media performance event with four compelling works presented by USF’s dance, video, and architecture students.
Celebrating the integration of Body, Movement, and Structural elements, this intriguing collaboration will propel the viewer into a kaleidoscopic journey, engaging and stimulating multi-sensory relationships and inviting new perceptions.
This performance is the outgrowth of three combined courses in the College of The Arts: Dance Improvisation, Intermediate Video, and a first time elective offering in Architecture, “Architecture, Dance and Video”.
Each work is unique in vision, design and collaborative choices, yet, all four works retain the criteria of merging video with dance with architecture. Common to all works is also an original “source” motivation which was to investigate and question the relationships of body, movement and structure in and through one’s environment in relation to a list of “cue” concepts such as: restriction, extension, temporality, and weight.
Students worked separately on some days and collaboratively on others to create their final presentation.  Each group was composed of 3-4 architecture students, 2 dance students and 1-2 video students. Groups were then merged to develop a final product and groups had choices in terms of how much overlap would occur at that point.

The interactive set with some of the dancers will be part of the USF Art Gallery Exhibition starting Friday, June 17,2011 6:00PM  and running for two weeks.