Saturday, July 9, 2011


Sabatino Verlezza w/ Verlezza Dance Company Dancers
Tracy Pattison / Amara Romano / Marcie Ryan & w/ Merry Lynn Morris

Verlezza Dance Company in Theatre2 USF
with Merry Lynn Morris

Sabatino Verlezza with Verlezza Dance Company Dancers
Tracy Pattison / Marcie Ryan / Amara Romano
Dream-like Weekend with Verlezza Dance Company
Dancing with Prototypes I & II  (Debut) w/ Merry Lynn Morris

It was a very dream-like weekend with the incredible debut of the Hands-Free Dance Chair of the Rolling Dance Chair Project - initiated from 2005 by me as Design Patent Inventor - with my work in mixed-ability dance & also from the inspiration of my disabled Father.

Verlezza Dance Company of Ohio flew down to "debut" the new somewhat "working" Dance Chair.  We all held our breath to hope nothing technical would go wrong for the long but lovely weekend!  The Dance Chairs kept being "tweaked" while we all ventured into some amazing ideas of balance & movement with the chairs - including double-ups & standing-up!  Interviews & news coverage attempted to document the project to this point - but which never succeeded in the true understanding of the fact that it has been way too long in making anything work for those who are "waiting in the wings"  - ask Verlezza Dancers - Sabatino Verlezza, Marcie Ryan, & Amara Romano!  Recently, however, I have made an Artistic as well as Financial Decision - to fast-track the manufacture of this wonderful DANCE CHAIR - to make "dreaming" - a REALITY! - after almost 12 years! - I think it is time!  Thank you God!

Looking forward to working soon again with the very wonderful Sabatino Verlezza & his gifted Assistant Artistic Director - Tracy Pattison!  Verlezza Company Dancers - Amara Romano & Marcie Ryan gave incredible feedback to our moving dimensional goals!

Thank You ALL who made this weekend possible.  It has taken years, but I am glad to have made it this far - definitely feels like I am dreaming!  .... The manufacture of three more hands-free dance chairs - is very close to happening!

God Bless to all - and hope to keep dreaming!

w/love - Merry Lynn Morris