Friday, September 27, 2013

Diversity Award 2012-13

Many things.... awards, recognition, publicity.... These are all wonderful to appreciate. But, our blog is about trying to inform and re-connect to all, as the future posts reflect. Merry Lynn Morris received a "Diversity Award" from noting her commitment to disability from her own Father's 21 years of Disability. It is an honor and privilege to be so noted in many things!:  Here is the link and award from University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida in April / 2013 :

Dance faculty member and academic advisor Merry Lynn Morris will receive a 2012-13 Diversity Award from the USF Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity. The award will be presented at the annual USF Diversity Summit, on Tuesday, April 9, 2013. The theme of this year’s summit is Paths to Success: Student Growth, Innovations and Solutions. Morris was recognized for “her tireless efforts to champion accessibility and inclusion.”

Here is an excerpt from her nomination by Dr. David Owens, USF’s ADA Coordinator:

“Her inspiration has brought about the synergy of adaptive technologies with the expressive movement, emotion and freedom of Dance of persons with mixed abilities. She has shown that Dance can shatter the stereotyping of persons in a wheelchair. Her goal has always been to “get beyond the chair”… that just holds the person …but adds to the quality of life to all involved.”

“Morris was inspired to create the chair after years of caring for her severely disabled father; William Morris who was critically injured in a car accident and spent 21 years in traditional hand-operated wheelchairs.”