Friday, September 27, 2013

Dance Professor Creates Dancing Wheelchair

Another angle to the story for the latest prototype! Could only wish there were more... and to speed the development of all that needs to be done!  Thank you, thank you, .... to all who get the info out!:

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Here is the text of the article from WFLA Tampa Bay:

From Channel 8 WFLA

USF Creates Dancing Wheelchair
(Video by Rogelio Mares Wednesday 9/25/2013)
By Staff 9/27/2013

Young Jessica Hendricks was born with Spina bifida. Despite her condition, the energetic outspoken young lady loves to dance.

"I like to make up dances," she said.

That's why the invention of a professor at the University of South Florida is so important to Jessica. It's a wheelchair that gives the user more mobility including the ability to dance.

It uses body movement as opposed to standard hand controls to manipulate the chair's movement. It was invented by dance professor Merry Lynn Morris. Morris says she came up with the idea eight years ago, growing up with a disable father.

"It's about creativity, it's about expression, it's about movement and connection," Morris said.

With the help of USF engineering students and grants from around the country, Morris' vision became a reality. Currently, there is only the one prototype but Morris hopes to find a company willing to produce and market the chairs.

As for Jessica, she says she loves the chair and the mobility it gives her allowing her to dance.

"It's fun being in this wheelchair," Jessica said.

We are ALL grateful for the media in getting this info out to inspire and hopefully speed the opportunities to ALL who benefit!

With Love,
Merry Lynn Morris (and Sonshine Morris)