Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christopher "Kit" Lowe (Wounded Veteran) Tries Out Hands-Free Wheelchair

Georgia National Guard Sergeant Christopher "Kit" Lowe tries out the hands-free wheelchair with design inventor Merry Lynn Morris, USF faculty advisor & professor, at the University of South Florida.  Lowe was critically wounded in August 2009 in a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan; he is still recovering from a bullet wound to his upper right thigh.
Having wounded soldier friend of Liisa Temple - Kit Lowe -  try out the hands-free wheelchair today, was very special for me.  It is especially great to have feedback from a wounded veteran as I serve on the committee with General Martin R. Steele for the Veterans Re-Integration initiative.  Can't wait to have the new prototype next year for Kit to try !
Looking Forward,
Merry Lynn Morris