Monday, September 20, 2010

It Is Not A Competition......

We all spend our lives in lines, in spaces, in time..... coming & going, in & out.... and waiting, and waiting. Sometimes we are hopeful for all the plans we make. Sometimes, we make no plans - we just show up & hope.

Sometimes there is a great breakthrough .... either in personal encouragement & identity.... or just that those around us are working in areas of discovery, invention, excitement..... & we get to attach in some real or vicarious way.

Sometimes .... MOST TIMES! .... none of us will ever get to have those 15 minutes of fame. But, what is truly sad about that.... ?! No one person can ever realize the impact that just one idea, one person, one prayer, one individual, one creative event or thought really has in our vast world & universe.

We are ALL connected. We are ALL needed. From the least to the most! Everyone is a part.

Personally, I love our Lord and the example of being part of the Body of Christ. If you are a little finger, to the eye, or an earlobe..... from the least to the most important (heart / brain)...... Each and every part is necessary to make the Body WHOLE!

I also love the example that it is "the least among us" .... who has the most value to God & is the GREATEST! (if one can imagine that) ....!! With that idea in mind..... how could anyone EVER COMPETE at being "The Least Among Us" ??! .... competing in humbleness & being NOT noticed?.....

So, once in awhile ... some of us (oh yeah - me, too!) fall into the world's sway ... trying to defend ourselves in such childish ways ... of "we were first!" .... or "me . .. me ... notice me! everyone!" .... or even to establish that "I didn't make THAT mistake, etc... ... I am above THAT ___________ (& fill in the blank here with whatever minutia we all tend to regard in our brief little lives....)

Thankfully, God sees the true intent, however.... & only judges us in our hearts. For so many times, I now realize as I age, that others really were acting in love (even if it were as a "survival"-type love.... ). I can see that sometimes people believe certain others are somehow a possible "threat" to their personal survival, their family, their particular niche in life..... yes, and of course a threat to their ego / identity. And, so they judge others .... by ignoring them, or by other equally unkind tactics.

We really are all connected... and each is so needed. Kindness & Encouragement.... NOT competition will bring about the beautiful grace our Lord has already accomplished. We may need to "run the good race to win it!" - but it is for ourselves we "compete" ... not "against" anyone else. In Loving our Neighbor / AND Enemy ... as ourselves... & praying they ALL be blessed ..... it would be difficult to even attempt a competition in this. It is just not a competition for anything.... in accomplishments, in talents.... the list is endless ---- For "ambition" is a strange delusion - - and a cast shadow has more substance than "ambition" has reality..

At some future date, I will re-publish on our blog my own personal testimony, my husband's he wrote, & our daughter. I really had quite a revelation from God (41 years ago!).... and I love to listen/read individual testimonies myself. For ALL men are taught by God! ... and as many individuals as there are in all of time ... are as many unique testimonies & unique lives in our Lord! It is really so not a competition! How could it be? I can never be you, nor can anyone be me.... and for all the rest .... Our Father in Heaven provides & knows the mystery of His Ways in Wisdom.... thankfully .... that is not a competition either! What a relief! Grace!

If you have a comment, testimony link, etc... you are so welcome to share. I have enjoyed reading several already! Thank you! Everyone is needed in contributing ideas & sharing in all of our lives & innovations to keep developing!

Love in our Lord,
His Sonshine