Thursday, September 23, 2010

Philip Shore Magnet School Puts Dance Moves On A Segway!

Philip Shore Elementary .... or Shore Magnet School .... sponsored with teacher Ashley Wilson (USF Dance Alumni) - a demonstration of the dance chair project. Later, 3 young students really learned a lot about balance and even some dance connective moves while on a Segway and a secretarial chair! Really cute ... ! Our thanks so much to Ashley & Philip Shore for sponsoring us ... and keeping interest, inclusion, and learning ... for our dance chair / mobility project!! or

On a "connectivity" note - A Little Historical Reference to Ybor City & Philip Shore:
While I was doing this video and now posting it... I (with my mom - His Sonshine) recalled that Philip Shore (or Shore Magnet School) is located in Ybor City - the "cultural center" and heart of all diversity in Tampa, Florida!
Virtually EVERYONE and EVERY CULTURE! is represented here .... from Greek to Swiss! And, I know this very well from my own heritage.
My Great-Grandfather Arnold along with his brother Armand Allemand (both Swiss immigrants) - came to Tampa, Florida in the late 1800's because of the "buzz" Henry M. Flagler created and Henry B. Plant with all the ongoing beautiful construction of the magnificent and grand Tampa Hotel (with the minarets - a Russian-type "fantasy" architecture at the time).
Arnold was married to Louise Zwiefel (also Swiss). Her sisters Regala and Ursula came to Tampa to visit her with all the goings on. Arnold (a jeweler and watchmaker) with Louise ran a little general store with the jewelry and watch repair shop in the back on Florida Avenue in Tampa. Arnold and Armand also worked on much of the construction going on... and eventually built their own homes with their own hands. Arnold's in Tarpon Springs (Pineapple Street - it still stands!) - and Armand's in Plant City where he married a local girl with a French background. While Louise was trying to manage everything and also raising her little son (Arnold, Jr. - my grandfather) in Tarpon Springs, Florida, her often-visiting sister Regala met and married a handsome Greek who worked the sponge docks.
Along this time came Philippe Costa an Italian immigrant from Sicily. He made his way to Tampa and opened a grocery store in 1898. His name change was to Philip Shore because it seem to translate that way. Eventually he became successful and worked with Henry B. Plant. By 1922, he was a school board member and saw to building a school in Ybor City - Philip Shore Elementary School.
The romantic ideals of these people and their accomplishments does continue.... and it is this connectivity to the past which should inspire us all - even if it is just to notice, record, and keep the continuity of it all.
As romantic as it all seemed - there were certainly the "other" sides and stories with not always the best of endings. Yet, some of the pictures are just beautiful! (Like going back in time.) It leaves us all quite a legacy to keep up with the students, children, arts, and all individuals we are privileged to be alive with in the present - and even around the world. The future is now!
Great-Grandpa Arnold made a lot of beautiful jewelry for his wife, Louise. She passed on when I was about 6 years old - (she was almost 100!). She left my mom her diamond earrings - and my sentimental mom wrote the story of the two brothers, the sisters, etc... and donated the earrings with the story to the Tampa Historical Society. She knew that Louise would really love that!
The Grand Tampa Hotel - turned into University of Tampa (with the minarets still!). And, I teach ballet and choreography there. Philip Shore (who, as a grocer in 1898, would have possibly even known Arnold and Armand) - passed on in 1929 - but leaves this wonderful school which in 1998 became Shore Magnet School for the Visual, Performing, & Communication Arts. I really enjoyed the demonstration presentation with our dance chair project and "choreographing" with the students on a Segway.
Armand passed on in Plant City and is buried there while my Grandfather (himself in his 90's) makes sure it is well-kept. Regala went to live in Athens with her Greek husband, and I have many Greek cousins from there.
Henry M. Flagler and Henry B. Plant .... left so many connections everywhere - (there are also connections to these same men on my dad's side of the family.)
In whatever way any of us realize the connections, it still remains that TODAY the NEEDS ARE REAL! I hope that we can continue in the inspiration with realization.
Merry Lynn Morris