Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wired Science Interviews Dance Chair USF!

There are so many ways to connect.... Wired Science of PBS did a fantastic job of overview in all of disability... ultimately interviewing the ""BALLET DANCE CHAIR!" w/Merry Lynn Morris .. pretty inspirational & outcome to so many of us waiting.... sure could USE THIS NOW!!! Thank you, God that this is in anyway in the wings or performing, or in vision now! PTL! or

This video prompted the full understanding of the design patent process & interpreting Intellectual Property & Artistic Freedom & utilizing NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) as well confidentiality clauses. Many thanks to all those in the Arts (Dean Ron Jones) & those who understand IP Law .... for all the assistance ... our attorney friend David Henry.... & IP / Patent Law attorneys .... Bob Frijouf, Dan Frijouf & David Frijouf for being involved pro bono! It was a first for USF to have ideas generated directly & initiated solely from the College of the Arts..... a natural creativity & idea environment!

{Notes on Patent Process: Merry Lynn Morris is the initiator & on the Initial Patent.. & subsequent Design Patents for this "Dance Chair".. which she named herself initially the "Rolling Dance Chair" Project... from her experiences & vision since 2002... initiated chair interpretation in 2004 (with informal devices that only she & I  placed on her Dad's manual wheelchair without any assistance or ideas from anyone else), a formal meeting w/Engineering USF in 2005 with schematics & design drawings made solely by Merry Lynn Morris from a donated power chair, & a grant established to her as principal investigator with The Arts in 2006.... patent submitted by 2007 .... w/then 3rd group of student engineers... & then re-submitted in 2008 under revision request..... fully granted (after following & patent review... by 2010.) USF Design patent in 2009... with further patents by process submission... continuing... 2010..11..`12... It is a wonderful learning experience & journey!}

Love His Sonshine